Latest Tech Gear for Cyclists

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives. The cycling industry has also not been left behind when it comes to the uptake of new technology to make work easier. Some of the latest gadgets for cyclists are.

BlueBel Bike Navigation

This is a form of Bluetooth bell that is connected to the bicycle to help the cyclist with navigation. It helps by telling cyclists how to go from one point to the next through bike-friendly routes. It is a preferred gadget for people who are riding in unfamiliar towns and do not want to keep stopping to check on their phones or ask strangers for directions.

Bragi Dash Pro

The Bragi Dash Pro is a wearable device that acts like a coach for riders. It is an intelligent tracking earpiece that helps you understand your surroundings. It also gives you details of your speed, heart rate, the distance you have covered and other interesting statistics about your cycling trip. Most cyclists have referred to it as having a coach with you. Technology has indeed changed the cycling world and made it more interesting. This is not the only sector that is feeling the impact of technology. Online casino sites have also embraced technology and came up with apps like 7 sultan casino app that can easily be accessed on the phone.

Wahoo Kickr

This is a form of smart turbo that allows you to set your bike and continue with training sessions without leaving the house. The bike is hooked on the Wahoo Kickr, and the rider then proceeds to enjoy the ride just like he would if he was outside.

S-Work Helmet

This very light helmet is made for comfort and safety. It is fitted with a tracking device that can help in monitoring where you are, and it can also synch with your phone to sound alarm when you are in danger.